Faces of Fusion

Voting is now open for Faces of Fusion 2020! We are celebrating individuals (and groups) who are between the ages of 18 and 40 years old and live, work, or have had an impact in the Greater Charlottetown Area.


New Islander Award 
The New Islander Award is awarded to an individual who is new to Prince Edward Island within the last 5 years. This award is given to someone who has made a lasting impression or impact on those in the Greater Charlottetown community, and has hit the red dirt running. This award celebrates Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island’s diversity and growth while recognizing those who have contributed positively in the time that they have called PEI home.


Taha Ismail

Sweta Daboo

Chavez (Chevy) Edgecombe 


Community Organizer Award
The Community Organizer Award recognizes an individual or group who has made significant contributions to the Charlottetown community, whether through volunteering, activism, or their regular every day activities. A community organizer is dedicated to building community supports and advocate channels to effect social change.


Bianca Garcia

Daniel Ikechukwu Ohaegbu

Tamara Steele

Health & Wellness Award
The Health and Wellness Award is awarded to an individuals or group who have achieved excellence in health and wellness. Those who have had a positive impact on either or both physical and mental health and wellness and have contributed to the Greater Charlottetown Area during 2020 will be considered for this award. 


Katelyn MacLean

Ellen Taylor

Sustainability Award
Granted to an individual or group, the Sustainability Award is earned by those who have driven initiatives to help further environmental education or action in Charlottetown and surrounding areas.


Bike Friendly Charlottetown

The Burly Farmer

Meghal Vijayan

Arts & Culture Award
The Arts and Culture Award is awarded to an individual or group who have achieved artistic distinction in any medium or contributed to the arts and cultural development of the Greater Charlottetown Area. 


Max Knechtel

Sam MacDonald

Kathryn Nazim​

Entrepreneurship and Employment
The Entrepreneurship and Employment Award recognizes an individual or group who has leaped great hurdles in 2020 to achieve economic opportunities for young residents in Charlottetown. Those who demonstrate exemplary activities in leadership of their business or organization while having a positive impact on the Charlottetown community.


Tolulope Adesoye

Sarah Donald

Rachael Sonola


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