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People who want to have a voice, we are here to help! We empower the young people of Charlottetown to share their city by amplifying their voices. Join the board, contribute, volunteer or participate


Why Fusion?

There is a collective feeling that the voices of our young people are not being heard. Let's change that. This is why we need groups creating positive change, bringing welcoming and vibrant communities together. We can't wait to make a positive impact with you


Lunch n' learns and public events to keep an eye on.

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We encourage anyone who wants to support the advocacy work or help with events to contact us


Our mission is to help create opportunities for young people to shape their city. We do this through advocacy and events.​ Our vision is a city where young people thrive because they are engaged and participating in the decision-making process.

There is a feeling that young peoples’ voices are not reflected. There is a need for a group creating positive change, to create a welcoming and vibrant community.We believe all the best is yet to come. We believe that by bringing the youth voice to the table, Charlottetown will benefit.

We at Fusion want to support in doing just that.


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Stay up to date on upcoming Fusion events, programs and campaigns in and around the Charlottetown area.  We help empower young people of Charlottetown to share their city by amplifying their voices. 



CHIJIOKE AMADI - International - Wisdom Truth Failure

Chijioke "Ceejay" Amadi migrated to PEI about a decade ago pursue his education here on PEI. After graduating from UPEI, Ceejay dedicated his time to the Charlottetown community by starting his own business and wellness organization. He also advocates for the growth of the city by facilitating events that connects different people from all over the world. Ceejay acts as the current vice president of the Black Cultural Society where he continues his good work.

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Get The Scoop On Our Annual General Meetings Here In Charlottetown

Every year Fusion Charlottetown has an Annual General Meeting to discuss upcoming organizational projects happening in the Charlottetown Area. Last year marked the 5th Anniversary Edition of the AGM since the organization was founded. Founded to give voice to the youth of Charlottetown who believe they can bring change to this remarkable city in their own way. Empowering young people of Charlottetown to share their city by amplifying their voices. Helping to keep young Charlottetownians informed on the political process. Our goal is to serve the 18-40 year old demographic and create a vibrant city that attracts and retains young people. There are many ways we want to collaborate with you to make that happen. Join the AGM.



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Fusion Charlottetown

We help empower young people of Charlottetown to share their city by amplifying their voices

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